Joshua Johnstone
Hi! I’m a versatile and insightful creative professional with over 10 years’ experience working with startups, global brands, and a varied set of businesses across several industries to architect and shape sustainable growth, distinctive identities, arresting experiences, and agile performers that thrive in today’s perpetually evolving world. 
I am passionate about the work I do and take great pleasure in uncovering what makes, and why things tick; orchestrating the reimagination of perceptions and ideas that converge to tell a story in a fresh light. A multicultural background and profound desire to more deeply understand a person’s motivations and how they interact with the world around them have granted me a unique perspective on the gravity of verbal and visual design. 
I am both creative and deeply analytical, with a critical eye, empathetic ear, and an innate ability to tackle challenges from multiple perspectives with both sides of my brain.
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